Grandmother Blue Owl's Hootout

Ongoing snapshots of Spiritual Guidance from our everyday life !

August 4, 2017

Lessons from Cooch!

As this is my first blog on my new website, I feel very strongly that I want to share what is most important in my life right now. Actually Cooch has been important in my life for over ten years. As you see in the picture, he loves to swim with his ball. Over the last two months Ron, my husband and I have been with Cooch as he prepares to leave and go into Spirit. We are calling our time together Pawspice. We learned that he has cancer and he cannot have an operation so we are all living with the changes that his body is guiding us all through.

Compassion and impermanence ( change) are the two most important qualities that our human soul has to learn as we go from lifetime to lifetime, but throughout our last days with Cooch we have learned more.

First, number one and most important , unconditional love is the bonding element that transcends all earthly attachments. Trust comes from this bond and Cooch has allowed us to know what his wishes are and has allowed us to help him.

Number two was the biggest surprise. Life is worth living if you are doing what you truly love. Each day we take Cooch for a swim. From the time he was a pup he has always loved to swim. As soon as we say "Get your ball, we are going swimming", he jumps up, gathers his ball and meets us at the door - so filled with life.

Number three is a given but sometimes we forget to remember.

Each moment is a gravy train moment. We are grateful for each moment we have together.

Number four is embrace the suffering as it is proof that you are here and you are in service. As we feed our puppy with a syringe or offer food from our palms we know that it is helping him. He wants to stay and we are there to help him as long as he needs our help.

Number five is enjoy the humour. As we feed our pooch, getting it all over him and us, you can only laugh. Laughter is always the best medicine. Watching Cooch roll in the grass and the mud isn't a problem anymore. Its easy to clean and it is funny to see him covered in mud. Lots of fun and laughter brings life back into the old dog.

These five lessons, our hand full, will live with us forever. Loving everyone unconditionally, doing what we love to do, being grateful for each moment as it happens, serving others in need, and laughing as many times a day as is possible are the five blessings that have come from the best teacher of all.

As our time with Cooch wanes, we continue to be grateful for the years we have been together and know that our lives have been enlightened and blessed for all eternity.  

November 7, 2018

New Moon Intention

Tonight we have a deeply feminine moon providing an opportunity to anchor  into your creative power.    Set an intention during this new moon to follow your own inner feminine wisdom.   Be ready for a download of truth.  Be willing to receive it.  

This new moon in Scorpio is teaching us about Life and Death and what we must release to have a new beginning.   New moon is the beginning of a new cycle.  Asking the universe for what you want is a very powerful practice.  You have 48 hours from the unset of the new moon to do this ritual.    At this time the veil is thin and whatever is started on the new moon has a wonderful chance of being manifested for you.  


                                Steps for Setting Intentions:

1.  Prepare before so  all is ready.   Smudge your area and while you do that pray for openness.   Keep it simple.   

 Dear Universe, I am here to connect with spirti, truth and love.  Please make me a channel of your divine wisdom and help me to see clearly and help me to tune into the greatest good in my heart.  

2.Open sacred space.  Its as easy as reaching up with your hands above your crown to slowly bring down the sacred energy of your higher self around your body.   You may also want to create a space.   I put a cloth down and bring my mesa and crystals.    

3.Breathe in the new divine white light.  Place one hand on your belly and one on your heart.  Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Slowly release all that no longer serves you.   Breathe this way 3x and then breathe normally while placing both hands on your heart.  


4.  You may write your list.  Say  " I am grateful for .......   Write 3 things tops. Then speak your list out loud.  Feel each thing that you write on your list like it is happening and here with you.    After the words are spoken you may want to burn the paper and reflect while the smoke has been taken on the wind.   

5.  Take time to sit and meditate on each of your wishes.  

6.  Say thank you to Spirit for the opportunity to share.   You may bring up the energy around you.  Bring both hands up, with palms facing up to above your crown and return your hands in prayer to you heart.  

7.  Know it is done

Many Blessings on this the full moon, November 7, 2018.